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8 Secrets To Google Traffic

Restore/Build Your Google Traffic

Which algorithm update has affected your site, Panda or Penguin? Knowing whether it was Penguin or Panda that affected your site will make fixing your rankings easier.

Penguin was launched around the 24th April 2012 so traffic drops near this date indicate that Penguin is responsible.

You will also notice that the keywords you have used the most in your back-link anchor text are the ones Continue reading 8 Secrets To Google Traffic

Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Repairs and Inspection

The first point of protection for your house is the roof. It needs to withstand every type of weather condition all year round.

Minor roof damage can soon escalate causing major issues if it is not properly repaired soon enough. Many roofing contractors offer maintenance inspection services which will highlight any potential problems.

The most common roof materials in the UK are Continue reading Roof Maintenance Tips

Home Decorating Tips

Decorating Your Home

We all want a stunning home. Increasing the aesthetic of your home generates a comforting setting, and with any luck, a serene owner. Your dream house or even work place could be gorgeous through the help of a high-quality painter and decorator, who is diligent about your home and cares about their workmanship.

Together with the cosmetic appearance of your freshly decorated property, this process also goes a long way to updating property maintenance. It typically offers protection for your home against Continue reading Home Decorating Tips